Fixed Wings UAS

Compact, lightweight units are built for one-man survey operations.
They are ideal for aerial mapping and terrain modelling larger areas.

Trimble UX5

The Trimble UX5 Aerial Imaging Solution is setting the standard for fast and safe aerial data collection by offering a complete system with powerful technologies such as reversed thrust & automatic fail-safe procedures, a robust design and radically simplified workflow.

  • Leading image acquisition quality and data accuracy.
  • All-terrain and all-weather performance.
  • Reverse thrust for precise landings in confined spaces.
  • Ensures optimal image quality along with maximum photogrammetric accuracy.
  • Conduct flights in a fully automated manner, from launch to landing.
  • Built-in safety procedures ensure safe and successful launches each time.

Provides a stable and reliable photogrammetric system delivering excellent results without requiring specialized photogrammetry knowledge or experience. 

Skywalker Technology X8

Skywalker Technology X8 is the X-8 FPV wing from Skywalker Technology. An and fantastic flying FPV / UAV platform, moulded out of EPO so it’s nearly indestructible.This model offers a huge amount of under canopy space, excellent glide performance.Transporting the airframe is easy, both the wing panels and the vertical stabs are bolt on affairs.

Rotor Blade UAS

Able to fly in every direction, as well as hover in a fixed position.
Perfect for detailed inspection work or surveying hard-to-reach areas such as bridges, power lines and rail tracks.

DJI Spreading Wings S1000

Safe and stable,the S1000’s V type mixer design provides large amounts of propulsion while improving power efficiency. Combined with a DJI flight controllers like the A2, it is guaranteed to remain stable even with the loss of a rotor.Integrated into the center frame is a power distribution system using our patented coaxial cable connector. It is more efficient, reliable and easy to install and eliminates the need for soldering. Its main power cord uses an AS150 sparkproof plug and an XT150 plug, preventing creators from mixing up polarity when plugging in the battery and preventing short circuits.All frame arms as well as the retractable landing gear are made from carbon fiber, ensuring light weight and high structural stability. Weighing approximately 4kg with a maximum takeoff weight of about 11kg, the S1000 can easily carry equipment as heavy as a 5D mark 3.Supports all Zenmuse Z15 gimbal systems. Portable and easy to use .

Scan-Copter 2.0

  • 140 cm diameter from motor shaft to motor shaft.
  • 73 cm rotor diameter.
  • 24.9 kg maximum take-off weight.
  • 15 kg payload.
  • up to 35 min flight-time.

Ssupports FARO Focus3D laserscanner and almost ready for Riegl VUX-1.Its applications include scanning tall objects and structures at elevated positions, minimize shadowed areas, complementing terrestrial laser scanning and high-resolution topography and vegetation mapping.


Without aerial permissions you can have multispectral and photogrammetric data for large survey areas like cities, forests, oceans with a lower resolution.

WorldView 3

The most capable commercial imaging satellite constellation in the world to providing users with an unprecedente level of ability and opportunity has led to its development.Collection Capability:Sensor Bands:

  • Panchromatic: 450-800 nm.
  • 8 Multispectral: (red, red edge, coastal, blue, green, yellow, near-IR1 and near-IR2) 400 nm – 1040 nm.
  • 8 SWIR: 1195 nm – 2365 nm.
  • 12 CAVIS Bands: (desert clouds, aerosol-1, aerosol-2, aerosol-3, green, water-1, water- 2, water-3, NDVI-SWIR, cirrus, snow) 405 nm – 2245 nm.

Sensor Resolution ( or GSD, Ground Sample Distance; off-nadir is geometric mean):

  • Panchromatic Nadir: 0.31 m GSD at Nadir 0.34 m at 20° Off-Nadir.
  • Multispectral Nadir: 1.24 m at Nadir, 1.38 m at 20° Off-Nadir.
  • SWIR Nadir: 3.70 m at Nadir, 4.10 m at 20° Off-Nadir.
  • CAVIS Nadir: 30.00 m.

Dynamic Range: 11-bits per pixel Pan and MS; 14-bits per pixel SWIR.Swath Width: At nadir: 13.1 km.

WorldView 2

Sensor Bands:

  • Panchromatic.
  • 8 Multispectral (4 standard colors: red, blue, green, near-IR), 4 new colors: red edge, coastal, yellow, near-IR2 .

Sensor Resolution GSD:

  • Ground Sample Distance Panchromatic: 0.46 meters GSD at Nadir, 0.52 meters GSD at 20° Off-Nadir.
  • Multispectral: 1.84 meters GSD at Nadir, 2.4 meters GSD at 20° Off-Nadir.

Dynamic Range: 11-bits per pixel.Swath Width: 16.4 kilometers at nadir.

Landsat 8

Sensor Bands

  • Panchromatic
  • 8 Multispectral (4 standard colors: red, blue, green, near-IR),
  • 2 Thermal

Sensor Resolution GSD

  • OLI multispectral bands 1-7,9: 30-meters.
  • OLI panchromatic band 8: 15-meters.
  • TIRS bands 10-11: collected at 100 meters but resampled to 30 meters to match OLI multispectral bands.

Dynamic Range: 16-bit pixel values.


Kim Remote Sensing

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