17 Jun, 2015

New integrated platform multi-sensor

Kim has just completed the prototyping phases that led to the commissioning of the first integrated platform Multispectral, from visible to thermal infrared, through the use of core sensors synchronized with one another through appropriate hardware integrations and internally developed software. The new sensor responds to the most stringent specifications of the current market, already tested […]

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10 Jul, 2014

Kim fly over the vineyards of Carinthia, technical precision agriculture tests

Kim has recently held trials in some vineyards of Carinthia (Austria) to test the operation of equipments applied to ‘precision farming. The remote-controlled aircraft, equipped with a thermal imager, multi spectral camera and high resolution camera, performed four overflights of many vineyards. One of them, owned by the winery Hren, is the only organic production site […]

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30 Jun, 2014

Thermography in flight, at the environment’s service

All bodies emit a different electromagnetic radiation depending on its temperature. The camera detects the radiation emitted by each point of the object and represents it in an image with different color tones. The infrared thermography is thus a non-invasive technique for measuring the surface temperature images of bodies. The Drone Interactive for Environmental Inspections […]

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25 Jun, 2014

Photogrammetry Proximity: reliable and immediate 3D models

Photogrammetry is an important technique to capture the metric data of an object (shape and position) through the acquisition and analysis of pairs of frames. Through the photogrammetry you can identify the spatial position of all the points of interest of the object considered. Today aerial photography is most used: its application in surveying the […]

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17 Jun, 2014

Remote sensing and precision farming: application in the vineyards

The precision farming stems from the increasing availability of high-quality optical data remotely sensed. Thanks to cost reductions, it becomes possible the monitoring of agricultural production processes with high-tech instrumentation. Within the Project Diva (Drone Interactive for Environmental Audits) Kim has been conducting various experiments related to agriculture. The images detected by the drone with high resolution […]

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