Thermography in flight, at the environment’s service

30 Jun, 2014

All bodies emit a different electromagnetic radiation depending on its temperature. The camera detects the radiation emitted by each point of the object and represents it in an image with different color tones. The infrared thermography is thus a non-invasive technique for measuring the surface temperature images of bodies.

The Drone Interactive for Environmental Inspections (Diva), used by Kim, mounts a professional camera combined with a high resolution camera. The potential of a flying instrument capable of detecting the temperature of the soil are innumerable. The energy losses in high-voltage lines to the gas escapes, here are the areas of greatest use of aerial thermography.

Photovoltaic panels

Solar systems, to make the most, require constant monitoring. Some minor inconveniences may be sufficient to considerably reduce system performance.
Flying over a photovoltaic field with a remote-controlled aircraft is possible to inspect all panels with high-quality tools, avoiding efficiency loss or fire hazards.

Monitoring of high-voltage lines

To inspect a line, you need to examine the pylons and their insulators.
The activity is often carried out by helicopters made by teams of at least two people (a pilot and a technician).
In order to reduce unsustainable costs of such monitoring, the technological advantage provided by the remote-controlled aircraft allows you to carry out inspection tasks with a dramatically reduced cost, without any quality loss.


Leakage of leachate, the liquid waste produced from waste, and biogas losses from the soil are two phenomena to be checked regularly in a landfill site.
The first is a liquid that is likely to contaminate the ground water and needs to be dammed and / or removed.
The biogas losses, however, represent a source of renewable energy that can be used.
Through the aerial thermographic investigation of a remote-controlled aircraft they are easily identifiable both phenomena due to the temperature difference.


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