Kim fly over the vineyards of Carinthia, technical precision agriculture tests

10 Jul, 2014

Kim has recently held trials in some vineyards of Carinthia (Austria) to test the operation of equipments applied to ‘precision farming. The remote-controlled aircraft, equipped with a thermal imager, multi spectral camera and high resolution camera, performed four overflights of many vineyards.
One of them, owned by the winery Hren, is the only organic production site entire Carinthia.
In Austria, the wine production is mainly divided between the southern and eastern regions. Styria, Carinthia and Burgeland covering almost entirely the production of 2.5 million hectoliters per year, mostly made up of white vines (65%).
As in all the wineries, even the esteemed Austrian wine requires continual monitoring and methodical. The enochemical variables that occur within the same vineyard is affected by many factors including the composition and structure of the soil, different microclimate and solar radiation; elements which determine consequent physiological responses by plants.
Precision agriculture is the key in the analysis and interpretation of remote sensing images. For this purpose, the data collected by remote sensing instruments are processed through appropriate methods to get information about the features and the state of health of the investigated surfaces. The final outcome of the process is generally the production of easy to use maps to insiders.
The pinpoint accuracy provided by the low-altitude flight of the unmanned aircraft is essential for comprehensive and accurate analysis of the vineyards, which could have critical only in very narrow segments.

On applications already known to evaluate water stress and vigor, Kim also applies studies on the maturation of the grapes and analyzes both quantitative and qualitative production.



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